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“and it felt like a kiss”


Newest exhibit at Incline gallery


New Mural by Christo Oropeza & Max Allbee

New Mural (8ft<h> x 6.5ft<w>) by Christo Oropeza and Max Allbee of the San Pancho Art Collective. Located at Tip Top Market, 90 Turk St (@ Taylor), in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District.  Installed on June 16,2010, special thanks to Brian Perrin for installing the panels for us.

Emma’s Passion for Pink:SPAC does Live Painting;Benefit 4 our friend Emma’s mother, to help pay for Cancer Treatment

Below are the paintings created by Ray Ortiz, Jin Chon, and Christo Oropeza of the San Pancho Art Collective, during the fundraising/awareness event that happend in San Francisco in April 2010, at The Matrix, Fillmore.

Here is the Complete Tryptich:

By Ray Ortiz of SPAC:

By Jin Chon of SPAC:

By Christo Oropeza of SPAC:

Evidence: Where They are Now

Graduates of SF STATE’s Fine Arts Department return to the MARTIN WONG student gallery in an Alumni Show curated by Christo Oropeza, and Paul D. Jimenez of San Pancho Art Collective.

The Martin Wong Student Art Gallery
Mission Statement
The mission of the Martin Wong Gallery is to provide emerging undergraduate artists the opportunity to exhibit visual works, in a professional context. Under the guidance of faculty sponsors, artists and student curators are encouraged to develop a greater understanding of installation and presentation etiquette, fine art handling techniques as well as management and communication skills. This program is made possible through the generous support of the Martin Wong Foundation and San Francisco State University’s Instructionally Related Student Activities Fund.
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MARTIN WONG on Wikipedia
Miguel Piñero on Wikipedia

SPAC Featured Artist: Wythe Bowart

Photo & Interview by Christo Oropeza

San Pancho Art Collective got together recently with local artist Wythe Bowart, born in Indio, CA, raised in Tucson, and has been living in San Francisco for about 9 years now. Wythe is finishing his bachelor’s degree in Illustration,with one semester left at the Academy of Arts University.

In the beginning of Fall 2009, Wythe was commissioned by Upper Playground for two Murals that functioned as window displays.

Some current projects that he has taken on include a mural in Orange Alley (behind Receiver Gallery) with fellow artist Nick Torres.  Also, Wythe participated at this years  “Yelp Holiday Party:Yelp Unwrapped” by doing some live painting.

Wythe’s most recent instillations are currently hanging at Cowboys & Angels Hair Salon in Union Square, for at least another month & a half.

Some future projects include creating more murals, and working in partnership with his brother, Wolfe Bowart, by painting and building backdrops and props for his new show that will begin in Arizona.

To follow more of Wythe’s busy creative happenings, check out his blog at

SPAC Featured Artist: Steve Zobeck

Feature by Max Allbee
Driving through a small dusty New Mexico border town you never know what you will stumble upon. While visiting some family recently in southern New Mexico, I found Steve Zobeck and the City of the Sun artist community. Rolling past pieced together structures from old motor homes, buses, sheds, adobe and unimaginable materials, Steve’s massive dazzling towers and brightly colored erratic partitions stole the curiosity. After realizing his zestful and simple creative intentions and cool character I began to understand how a project of this magnitude can thrive.

Steve Zobeck is also a accomplished “Rock Star”, putting up his rock stacks along freeways from the Mexican border to Iowa. Read more about Steve and his rock staking in this Iowa news feature.

To see photos of Steve’s project click here.

SPAC featured Artist: Eli Lippert

Eli Lippert. Since 88 clothing

SPAC caught up with local artist Eli Lippert while showcasing new T-shirt and hoodie designs from Since 88 Clothing . Since 88 began with a few artist friends a couple years ago, who are now really pushing it to the next level. Eli has his roots in the Mission district of San Francisco where he is currently directing the Precita Eyes Youth Arts Program.  He told SPAC, the Precita youth are working with an advertising agency to have the students paint a mural in exchange for training in digital arts .  The youth arts program also just completed a community mural collaboration at a gas station on Cesar Chavez and Bryant streets.

Eli is studying fine art at SF State where he has been painting portraits of students he worked with in Lebanon, while on a mural painting trip through the Middle East, earlier this year.  As well as working on paintings in the studio Eli continues to do spontaneous murals in Lilac alley that are sprayed high on the back of houses using bright colors and crisp, graphic designs.  10 weeks ago Eli jumped off the wall and into the airwaves with Cio Casteneda who together have been broadcasting Uforious Raydeeyo on Berkeley Liberation Radio every Thursday from 10-12pm. The show provides exposure for the community and local artists as well as striving to connect the San Francisco and East Bay  creative communities.

Check out Eli Lippert’s blog City of New Knowledge where you get info about his Holiday  studio art sale on Dec. 5 and 6th. You will also find him doing live painting at SPAC’s  Dec. 6th fundraiser.