SPAC Featured Artist: Wythe Bowart

Photo & Interview by Christo Oropeza

San Pancho Art Collective got together recently with local artist Wythe Bowart, born in Indio, CA, raised in Tucson, and has been living in San Francisco for about 9 years now. Wythe is finishing his bachelor’s degree in Illustration,with one semester left at the Academy of Arts University.

In the beginning of Fall 2009, Wythe was commissioned by Upper Playground for two Murals that functioned as window displays.

Some current projects that he has taken on include a mural in Orange Alley (behind Receiver Gallery) with fellow artist Nick Torres.  Also, Wythe participated at this years  “Yelp Holiday Party:Yelp Unwrapped” by doing some live painting.

Wythe’s most recent instillations are currently hanging at Cowboys & Angels Hair Salon in Union Square, for at least another month & a half.

Some future projects include creating more murals, and working in partnership with his brother, Wolfe Bowart, by painting and building backdrops and props for his new show that will begin in Arizona.

To follow more of Wythe’s busy creative happenings, check out his blog at


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