Un Tango Urbano:A Short Film by Andrea Cortes-Juarbe

This flick is created by a good friend of San Pancho Art Collective named Andrea Cortes-Juarbe! Enjoy it, and here is the description from YouTube:
A dance film by Andrea Cortes-Juarbe. Music by Bajofondo. After losing the original footage in 2006, I was finally able to return to Buenos Aires 2 years later for a couple weeks in an attempt to create a new tango dance film. I had no cameraman, special film equipment, or even a dance partner. I did, however, have a deep yearning to try and recapture my experience with Tango in BA, the support of a dear friend, Carrie; and my dad’s consumer camera. By the end of the first week I found a photographer to operate the video camera, his friend volunteered to take pictures; and through Buenos Aires’ version of craigslist for artists, I met the dancer, Sebastian. I could not have asked for a better person to work with. We had only 4 rehearsals to get used to dancing with one another and we filmed it in 2 days. Hope you enjoy.


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