SPAC featured Artist:Paul Jimenez

photo by Christo Oropeza

photo by Christo Oropeza

Paul Jimenez:

“I believe painting is the best way to truly express my imagination to the public. At this moment my paintings focus on narrative themes. I prefer using images as allegories to explain the narrative: for example, the human form, mechanical objects and nature. The artistic process, no matter how convoluted, always starts with a simple idea. Then, I begin to collect images from popular culture and mass media. When I have all my referential material, then I decide how to place the images so the narrative is prominent. From there I might use the color copy machine to distort the image, such as moving the image as it is being photocopied. I always begin my painting process with a quick wash of burnt umber. Then, I use chalk to outline the image.”

“My biggest inspirations come from pop culture. Jimi Hendrix is the biggest influence in my life because his music broadens my mind beyond conventional ideas. While listening to his songs I gather ideas for paintings, and how I can manipulate the idea of the song to use it in a unique way. Tattoos are another influence because of their inherent beauty and the statement they make to the public. A tattoo says to me the individual wants to stand out, and show not only they are, but everyone is inimitable. The art of M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali also constantly inspire my own artwork by encouraging me to continually question the concepts my work displays. Not only am I encouraged to question the concepts in my own work, I also hope the audience will investigate how themes are explored in my work as well. The meaning of the word ‘artist’ to me is one who makes work that tells stories from life, songs, and imagination.”

Click HERE to see samples of Paul’s work on SPAC’s HomePage

Click HERE to see Paul Jimenez’s Website


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