SPAC featured Artist:Ray Ortiz

photo by Christo Oropeza

photo by Christo Oropeza

Raymond Ortiz began making art from the first moment he could hold a crayon, though growing up he never considered or labeled himself an artist. Ray came more into art during high school when he became fascinated with urban street art. He found himself getting to know the graffiti scene and became a part of it.

During the end of his college career he found something was missing from his life; a solid background in Studio Art focusing on methods and techniques that he knew intuitively but couldn’t really grasp without some guidance. It was during this time that Ray began to explore figure drawing, oil/ acrylic painting, and mixed media.

Click HERE to see samples of Ray’s work on San Pancho Art Collective’s Homepage!


One response to “SPAC featured Artist:Ray Ortiz

  1. i really like your work!
    i use to live in san fran and miss it very much!
    your art reminds me of so many good memories and the people that i miss so very much!
    i wish you continued success!

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