SPAC featured Artist:Jin Chon

photo by Christo Oropeza

photo by Christo Oropeza

Jin Chon:

Born in 1984 and a native to California, Jin Chon has lived in San Francisco for seven years. She graduated from San Francisco State University in 2007 with a BA in Art History and Fine Art with a specialization in painting and drawing. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries throughout San Francisco.

“Chon is interested in exploring the different characteristics and structures of art media. In her work she creates layers of depth and meaning, which add to the surreal quality her acrylic paintings posses. Her figurative work captures an alluring beauty that is concurrently playful and serious in content and style. Subjects range from serious and almost twisted portraiture to playful and quirky birds. Through painting she hopes to gain a deeper understanding of her subconscious while exploring different mediums.”

Click HERE to see samples of Jin’s work on San Pancho Art Collective’s HomePage!


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