SPAC featured Artist:Nining Muir

photo by Christo Oropeza

photo by Christo Oropeza

Nining Muir:

Born into a culture where artists often create collectively and seldom sign their work, Nining fits uneasily into the American art scene, resisting both its egotism and its tendency to assign categories. She prefers to follow her own inclinations, producing work with diverse themes that hint at her Javanese origins but are more reflective of her world-citizenship in ways that are colorful, sometimes controversial, and always distinctive. Her concession to the West’s insistence upon art being individualized is to sign her work “nim”.


Nining Muir has OPEN STUDIOS THIS WEEKEND (starting today @ Activspace studios) on 18th street & Treat in the City’s Mission District. Please visit her studio today(wine, cheese, etc), tomorrow, or Sunday!


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